Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Flood: Update

It has been a minute since I've last posted. Truly sorry! I was supposed to be a better blogger...rememeber?! Clearly I forgot.

Well I am back...I think.

It is so nice to have our apartment back in order since the flooding! Brian will be finishing up the last bits of clean up tomorrow before going into work at night. There are a lot of dishes to wash and he wants to get our big 50-60 (whatever it is) gallon fish tank up and running. We did end up bringing our fish to a local pet store on 'vacation' as we were starting to lose some fish due to the lack of power and added stress levels. While this is unfortunate, we keep reminding ourselves that it could have been worse. Hopefully you will never have to hear me rattle on about this 100 year flood (or whatever it is they are calling it) anymore, ever again.

However, my fridge is another story...

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