Monday, March 29, 2010

Lewd Lyla

I arrived home today around 5:30pm. Since then, Lyla, (my 9lb Chihuahua) has been trying to hump my woah. We're talking do-or-die type shit. She is a hott mess. When she doesn't get her way with me she barks and yips and cries till my ears are ringing. It's awful. Mind you she doesn't do this to Brian, only me. I feel bad about it too since Brian works a few jobs, one shift being 3rd. So typically when he has to work the night, he will go to sleep after dinner for a few hours. I lie, try more like 30 minutes as it takes Lyla a looong while to calm down and give up.

We've been told by our vet that Lyla's horn-dog behavior may or may not cease after she is "fixed." It's most likely a mix of a hankering to get laid and behavioral (dominance) issues.

So either way, I'm screwed. No pun intended.

There is nothing pleasant about being raped by a dog. Trust me. I have the scars to prove it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

R.I.P My Dear Freezer

My freezer is toast. Ka-put, done-zo, dead. Interestingly enough (and thankfully) the refridgerator part of this lovely appliance continues to keep on truckin'. Not having a freezer is tough on me as I typically love to stock up on items in the Freezer aisle, especially vegetables. We had a pretty hefty stock on meats and such in there as well when it finally kicked the can, so we did end up having to through a lot of food (and money) away! Could of been worse I suppose, but still. We (boyfriend & I) have begun new fridge shopping but haven't gotten very far. Personally, I wanted to run out and get a brand-y new one the second I noticed its lack of life but the boy wanted to wait. So that is what we do...wait. Maybe we are waiting for the WHOLE fridge to croak? I surely hope not. I do miss my freezer...and its only been a week! GRRRR!

Let's Get This Party Started!

My first post!! WOOO! I am lying to you. Technically this is not my first blog post, ever. I do have other blogs as well. Unfortunately, I have been a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad blogger as of late(on those other blogs). I vow to be a better blogger here. I think my issue is this, my other blogs have clear direct focuses which confines what I can rant and rave about. One blog is dedicated to saving money, coupons, sales, freebies, giveaways, etc. The other a royal weightloss blog. I will eventually revive both of them, but need something else in the meantime. That is where this space comes in...a place with no *real* direction...a little bit of everthing! Let me know if you would like to read about anything in particular and I'll see what I can do! Happy Reading!