Friday, March 26, 2010

R.I.P My Dear Freezer

My freezer is toast. Ka-put, done-zo, dead. Interestingly enough (and thankfully) the refridgerator part of this lovely appliance continues to keep on truckin'. Not having a freezer is tough on me as I typically love to stock up on items in the Freezer aisle, especially vegetables. We had a pretty hefty stock on meats and such in there as well when it finally kicked the can, so we did end up having to through a lot of food (and money) away! Could of been worse I suppose, but still. We (boyfriend & I) have begun new fridge shopping but haven't gotten very far. Personally, I wanted to run out and get a brand-y new one the second I noticed its lack of life but the boy wanted to wait. So that is what we do...wait. Maybe we are waiting for the WHOLE fridge to croak? I surely hope not. I do miss my freezer...and its only been a week! GRRRR!

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